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 The BEST Illinois Dog Trainer:

Peggy Moran, BA, Anthrozoology; Certified Dog Trainer

Proud Pet Professional Guild Member - Force, Fear, and Pain-Free Dog Trainer

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The Best Dog Training in Illinois -- for Obedience, Manners, and Socialization!

Do you have a new puppy you'd like start off on the "right paw?" 

Are you struggling with a dog behavior problem?

Are you worried your dog's lack of obedience could lead to an injury for either your pet or someone else? 

Chicago Area Dog Obedience and Behavioral Training


Peggy Moran's School for Dogs Offers:



  • Affordable, in-home dog training
  • Small group instruction

  • Play and socialization classes

  • Therapy dog training

  • Service dog training and evaluation

  • Drop-in field trip classes


Dog training improves lives...

By gaining the knowledge you and your family need --the people training part!-- you will be able to train your puppy or dog manners, self control, socialization without force or harshness.

Professional dog training helps you correct problem dog behaviors...

such as jumping, chewing, play-biting, digging, raiding wastebaskets, counter-surfing, running away, destructiveness, indoor accidents, and selective hearing.

You will learn to motivate...

new dog training skills such as backing up when a door is opened, never crossing thresholds without permission, greeting guests by sitting, and willingly obeying cues.

I offer affordable dog training...

that actually teaches people to train their own pets to be happy, self-controlled, cooperative companions.